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Trips are quoted based on a fixed number of hours for which you have contracted. It is YOUR responsibility to manage the trip times, stop to stop. We make no guarantee as to number of venues possible within your contracted time. For “fixed itinerary” trips such as weddings, any changes must be made well in advance of the trip so we can agree on times, feasibility and any price changes.


Occasionally a trip will be detoured or delayed for conditions inadvertent or beyond our control such as traffic, weather, missing a turn necessitating taking an alternate route or many other reasons. As well, we reserve the right to make the occasional human error. Detours or delays not due to customer causes (wrong directions, for example) longer than 15 minutes will be compensated only with time added to the end of the trip.


We cannot permit any illegal activities including but not necessarily limited to illegal drugs, underage drinking, public intoxication or disorderly conduct. We have given the driver and you agree that the driver will have sole discretion in these matters and may terminate the trip at any time should he deem it necessary. There will be no refund if the trip is terminated for breach of this contract or for reasons not explicitly covered herein but which involve safety or illegal activities. Termination decision is at the sole discretion of RockStar Party Bus Transportation personnel.


We require that you make a holding deposit at the time of reservation. The balance is due prior to trip departure the day of the reservation. RESERVATIONS MUST BE SECURED BY CREDIT CARD.


You will forfeit your deposit for cancellations less than 30-days before the event date. A service credit will be issued in the amount of your deposit. Service credits are only valid 6 months from the date issued. Cancellations less than 14 days will be charged the full amount to your credit card. All cancellations will incur a small processing fee to cover credit card fees and handling. Amount will vary to cover our processing costs.


If your trip time runs over the contracted amount, you agree to permit the overtime charges to be billed to your credit card or paid in cash. (Generally, overtime charges range from 89 to 129 per hour depending on which bus, times, and day of week.) Drivers will attempt to collect for overtime charges BEFORE they are incurred either in cash or by credit card. If driver cannot collect, you agree that overtime charges will be charged to your credit card that we have on file.


Occasionally there are unavoidable delays due to weather, traffic or other causes. Any trip time lost for such cause may be added to the end of the run.


We reserve the right to substitute vehicles when unforeseen circumstances make it necessary. We will do our best to notify you and make necessary price adjustments, if applicable.


You agree to be responsible for the behavior of your guests and for damages to our vehicles due to their activities whether intentional or not. This includes a “trashed” vehicle, that is, one excessively soiled with dirt, beverage spills, body fluids, food and the like. A “trashed” vehicle will incur a $150.00 Cleaning charge. Additional charges will be levied for broken fixtures, torn seats or other damage. If our vehicle incurs down time for repairs and consequent lost revenue, you agree to be responsible for such lost revenue and to permit such charges to your credit card.


Must be contracted for by parent only. No student will be permitted to contract for these events.


Disorderly conduct or conduct in the judgment of the driver that hampers trip safety or jeopardizes property or persons either on or off the vehicle may be grounds for termination of the trip. We reserve the right to eject individuals from the vehicle and will do so at the sole discretion of the driver or RockStar Party Bus™ management. In such a case, the person or persons jeopardizing the trip will be dropped off at the nearest safe facility such as a police station, gas station, restaurant or the like. You agree to be fully responsible for those individuals and to hold RockStar Party Bus™ harmless for any liability or action arising out of the ejection of party members from the vehicle for any cause whatsoever.


RockStar Party Bus™ is fully insured for activity ON THE BUS. Our insurance coverage stops the moment your foot touches the ground as you step off the bus. Please be aware of this, as any claims for injury, loss, or other claim away from the bus must be covered by individual insurance or the facility where such loss or claim occurred.


By acceptance of the products/services included on this agreement, you agree that all disputes between the parties, or arising from the relationship between the parties, and all disputes arising from or related to the products/services included in this agreement, including the scope of this arbitration agreement, shall be resolved by binding arbitration by the National Arbitration Forum, under the Code of Procedure then in effect. Any award of the arbitrator(s) may be entered as a judgment in any court having jurisdiction. In the event a court having jurisdiction finds any portion of this agreement unenforceable, that portion shall not be effective and the remainder of the agreement shall remain effective.


You agree that this agreement shall be arbitrated or litigated under the laws of the State of Ohio and that any and all litigation shall be prosecuted in Summit, Ohio.


By your signature on this agreement (either electronic, facsimile or original) you consent to charges on your credit card as outlined in this agreement. Your signature below or on page one of the Service Agreement and/or your submission of this form with your unique “Contract Code” constitutes our “signature-on-file” for credit card transactions and you hereby agree to same.

NOT ALLOWED ON BOARD: Jello Shots, Styrofoam coolers, illegal drugs, weapons, and smoking are not permitted on our buses.